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​Video and beyond

We can either write a script for you, record a voice-over or, even better: record genuine interactions by simply interviewing you in an informal setting to capture you at your best, either in our portable studio, or in your preferred location!

Producing an online marketing video in Brighton, Eastbourne or London

Looking to produce an online marketing video in Brighton, Eastbourne or London?​ A promotional video can make your business stand out from the competition.

It lends a personal touch to your website, giving viewers a chance to get a glimpse of who you really are, what your company is about, and ultimately decide if they can trust you enough to give you their business.

Even better than the real thing

A good video with rhythm to create excitementmusic to evoke emotions and 3D effects to wow the viewer can make anything look appealing, in a way no other media can, not even photography. For comparison, stare at the pictures on our showreel cover until you can't take them anymore, then play the actual video!